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Why flexibility and balance keeps you young

Being physically active in midlife is important for staying at your best now and for years to come.

The key is moving enough to raise your heart rate for long enough (and at a high enough intensity) to keep you 'aerobically' fit.

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But staying aerobically fit as we get older also requires us to stay strong, flexible and maintain good balance. That's because physical fitness is a bit like a 'pyramid': with aerobic exercise at the 'top' and muscle strength, balance and flexibility providing the support below, i.e. without this support in place, the pyramid collapses and aerobic exercise is not possible.

From our early 40s, our muscle mass, flexibility and balance starts to decline - but the good news is the right exercise habits can help counter this.

For instance, brisk walking whilst carrying a backpack not only provides moderate aerobic exercise, it also helps build your strength. HiiT or circuit training (rather than pure aerobic activity like running) gives you both aerobic and muscle strengthening. Plus daily stretching or practising Yoga can provide multiple Younger Living benefits, including helping you to relax, manage stress and maintain flexibility, core strength and balance.

Building these 'age appropriate' exercise habits protect you from injury and keeps you happier, healthier and years younger for life.

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