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 About Us

Younger Lives helps you create habits that are proven to control the rate of ageing, reduce the risk of long term health conditions - and most importantly maximise happiness and quality of life, so you can enjoy life to the full now and into the future.

Why is this important?

No-one wants to get ill or feel old before their time - and staying 'years younger', healthy and happy is more important than ever, as the population ages and our health services get increasingly stretched.

The willpower myth

The majority of us struggle to keep lifestyle changes going using just willpower. This can make us feel like we are somehow 'lacking', especially as there is so much free information out there on what we should be doing.

Why creating the right personal habits is the answer

As behaviour science experts, we know that long term lifestyle change can never be sustained using willpower alone.


In fact, the only way to succeed is to build enjoyable & proven habits into your life - in a way that suits you and makes you happy - so these behaviours can become automatic and create the life you deserve.

That's why we created Younger Lives and The Younger Living Edit - an expert system to help you create habits with the power to keep you happier, healthier & years younger for life.  

With very best wishes,

Dr Holly Whelan & Dr Mark Cobain

Founders of Younger Lives

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Get Involved

If you are passionate about helping people to live a younger life, we'd love to hear from you. 

We are trusted experts

We have worked in the field of 'healthy ageing' for over 20 years. We understand the science and the human psychology of what we need to do to stay vibrant, well, and at our very best as we age.


We are proud to collaborate with some of the best academic minds in the world. 


Our founders created the Heart Age test back in 2007 (now used by millions across the world, including the NHS health check program). 


Since setting up Younger Lives in 2014, we have gone on to create more programs including the Life Age® test, the Diabetes Age® test and our Younger Living Edit expert habit change system.

We worked with many large names in the private, public and charity sector, including:  Movember, Weight Watchers, Unilever and the NHS

"I am an enthusiastic supporter of the work of Dr Holly Whelan and Dr Mark Cobain. They demonstrate a unique ability to convert best evidence guidelines in health promotion into programs that connect with our everyday habits, and that are easy to use in weekly routines.  In short, Younger Lives is remarkable for their scientifically grounded leadership in health promotion."


Clinical Psychologist and Senior Scientist. Toronto, CANADA

We've worked with

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The Founders

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