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Business Services

We offer a range of services for organisations

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Keynotes, Seminars, Events & Workshops

Book us to deliver an inspirational keynote at your event.

Or bring us in to run a series of lunchtime seminars, group workshops or leadership coaching.


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Campaigns & Programs

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Voucher Bundles

Get your own Younger Lives campaign and program tailored to your needs. Including your own unique Life Age test & aggregated data report, plus bespoke Younger Living habits program design.


Buy voucher bundles that can be redeemed against any of our products or services, including habit change coaching. These can be set at any value, including 'free gifts'.


Richard Pash, UK Chief Customer Officer, Zurich


"With so much being written about health & wellbeing 'you can't see the wood for the trees'...

Thankfully, Dr Holly Whelan brings together all the most important science and makes it fun and easy  to understand and got us to think about small changes in habits that can help you live a longer and happier life. This is literally life-changing stuff...  " 

(Leadership Team Workshop)

Sophie Bishop, UK Head of HR, Euronext


"The hectic corporate world of finance can sometimes be demanding, so we wanted to support our employees at Euronext to become happier and healthier, and develop the energy and resilience they needed to be at their best. We already had fruit in the office and subsidised gym memberships, but we realised that wasn't enough. The holistic nature of the program really resonated with us. The personal Life Age report gave our employees important insight into how their lifestyle was affecting them, and the aggregated company reporting helped us identify the need for company support in different areas" 

(Company Program) 

Employee Feedback


"The workshop made reflect on what I can do to increase my health and happiness scores. The Life Age Report is a great way to track progress and I will be revisiting it in a few months. I would like to see more green indicators! Thank you so much for your time, insights and an inspiring session", Leezil (Insurance)

"I used the Younger Lives program to focus on developing small, sustainable nutrition and alcohol management techniques",  Christian (Financial Analyst)

“I’m so glad I followed the Younger Living Edit. It made me realise that my weight problem was caused by stress levels and low mood and what I actually needed was a new lifestyle approach not just another diet!”,  Michelle (NHS)

"After taking the Life Age Test, I have made some changes…. Reduced my calorie and alcohol intake, improved my diet and exercise, lost 8lbs, am now sleeping better, fitting into clothes I haven’t for ages and generally feel happier. I’ve also signed up for a 73 mile sportive in April. Thank you!" Lee (Public Libraries)


We also offer bespoke expert health and wellbeing behaviour change consultancy. Please go to our Younger Lives Group business website for more information.

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