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Younger Living

... Get into the habit of feeling really great for your age!

Good News! Having studied the science for years, we know that health, happiness and how old we feel is largely down to the way we live our lives. 

That means there's lots you can do to stay feeling years younger and at your very best. The secret is building the right habits into your life - and we are here to help.

How your lifestyle affects how quickly you age
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Life Age Test info
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Our scientifically validated Life Age test has been developed in association with world leading experts to help you understand how your lifestyle is affecting you and what you can do to take control and feel happier, more fulfilled and years younger.


We offer private Life Age consultations and also occasionally open up the Life Age test to our newsletter subscribers. Subscribe today and get the chance to win a free Life Age consultation worth £150. *T&Cs

The Younger Living Edit
Powerful Younger Living Habits for life

Our Younger Living Edit services teach you how to embed powerful habits into your lifestyle - so you can take control of your ageing and feel happier, more fulfilled and years younger.

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Private Health Screening, Well Woman & Well Man Checks

Regular health checks are important for people aged 40+ and are a key part of living younger.


The NHS offers free health check screening every 5 years for people aged 40-74, but in some areas is currently not available.  To help we have teamed up with One5 Health - a private doctor's service committed to preventative health. They offer both online and face to face (Central London) consultations.

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