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Private Habit Change 


Our Younger Living Edit Masterclass offers the ultimate in personal coaching and support.


Working 1 to 1 with your own private coach -  you will learn step by step how to maximise your health and happiness - by creating a powerful set of Younger Living habits personalised to you and your lifestyle.

In just 6 weeks, you will feel happier, healthier and years younger.

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How the Masterclass works 

Our Masterclass provides you with expert support and personal coaching over 6 weeks. It has 3 modules: 

Module 1


Who are you and what do you really want?


In this module your coach will help you really understand yourself in all your glory (good and bad) and review both the life you have now and the life you want going forward.


You will understand how your lifestyle has the power to keep you 'younger and happier' - and why creating personalised Younger Living habits tailored to your lifestyle is the only way to deliver long term results.


Includes a dedicated session to work through your latest Life Age result. 

Module 2


Build your personal habit set

In this second module, your coach will help you build your own set of Younger Living habits in line with what you want to achieve. You will design, test and build daily habits that suit you using our signature 'Habit Edit Method' and learn the power of starting small and building on your success.

After just a couple of weeks you will feel more energised and over time feel more confident in your ability to take control of your life. 

Module 3


Learn the secrets to sustained success

In this final module you will learn practical problem solving techniques that will help you embed new habits into your life forever.


During this time you can expect your energy and confidence to further increase - and see how your habits are now adding up to a 'younger', healthier and happier way of living.

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Graduate and celebrate your success 


At 6 weeks you will retake the Life Age test to see how many 'years younger' you have become. It's time to CELEBRATE and recognise all the things you've learnt and the amazing progress you've made.


It's also time to commit to continuing this approach - and enjoy the new confidence you have, knowing you have all the tools, competencies and skills you need.

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"My Life Age is now 11 years younger, and wow I honestly didn’t see that coming. I don’t know what to say. Thank you doesn’t quite seem sufficient. I think your program is amazing. I know there’s still a lot to go and this will be the hardest part, but I feel now that its achievable. One of the reasons I wanted to do this was because I didn’t like feeling the way I was – I didn’t like myself. I now feel more positive and actually felt proud of what I have achieved!"

LESLIE D.  51 years old

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I am an enthusiastic supporter of the work of Dr Holly Whelan and Dr Mark Cobain. They demonstrate a unique ability to convert best evidence guidelines in health promotion into programs that connect with our everyday habits, and that are easy to use in weekly routines.


 In short, Younger Lives is remarkable for their scientifically grounded leadership in health promotion.


Clinical Psychologist and Senior Scientist. Toronto, CANADA

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"Life Age had a really positive impact on my lifestyle. I’ve already taken 3 years off and feel much happier. I’m now targeting getting back into my 30s!"

JO T.  43 years old

Private Coaching Summary

Exclusive one to one support with your own dedicated coach.

6 weeks of expert guidance and coaching support using our signature 'Habit Edit Method'.

Weekly personal coaching calls and chat access to your coach Mon-Friday 9am-5pm