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Dr Holly Whelan

Dr Holly Whelan, 54 is co-founder of Younger Lives. 

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My Story

Having studied biology and worked in health & wellness for many years, I had always been interested in helping people stay healthy. 


However, when I hit my mid 40s, things changed. A combination of being unhappy at work plus several health scares led to a full blown mid life crisis. I had to be brutally honest with myself - I was stressed, not sleeping, increasingly binge eating and wasn't doing any exercise. It wasn't surprising I was starting to have health scares. I really started to think about life and what I wanted. I was feeling old and tired, and I hated it. 


Looking around me, it was clear that not everyone was ageing in the same way. Some people were just deteriorating each year, whilst other seemed to be able defy the clock and radiate energy and positivity whatever their age. I wanted to be in that second group.


The scientific research was clear - although around 30% of 'successful ageing' was down to genetics, the vast majority was down to lifestyle and outlook on life. It was possible to modify your future, and it was never too late to start. The people who took care of their emotional and physical wellbeing were also the ones who lived longer, healthier and happier lives. Most excitingly, the research also showed that people who felt young for their age were also the most likely to live long and healthy lives.  

I had been working with Mark for many years on Heart Age and preventative health, and when we talked, we realised we were feeling the same way and both wanted to feel younger, happier and healthier in ourselves, and if possible, help others to do so too. To cut a long story short, we decided to take the plunge and go independent, and Younger Lives was born.

We pulled on our own expertise and reviewed the leading edge science of ageing, happiness and health to build a completely new 'joined-up' approach. We wanted Younger Lives to be different. We wanted it to honestly look at all aspects of a person’s lifestyle and how they interact to either 'age' you or keep you 'young'. We also wanted it to be based on proven science, as we were both scientists who hated the misinformation that constantly plagues the health & wellness industry. But most importantly, we wanted Younger Lives to make sense for people and really be effective in helping them feel happier and years younger. 


After years of research and development we finally created something that we were proud of, had worked for us personally and we were ready to share it with others. 

So now it's your turn to benefit from living a younger life. I hope it helps you to unlock the best version of yourself just like it did for me. 


With very best wishes, 


My Credentials

  • Co-Founder of Younger Lives Ltd 

  • BSc Biology & PhD Neuroscience

  • 20 years+ working in consumer health & wellness

  • Honorary Lecturer at Imperial College London

  • Trainer at the School for Social Entrepreneurs

  • (Prev) CEO Heart Age

  • (Prev) Director of Global Heart Health Unilever

  • (Prev) Director of Unilever Corporate Brand

  • Mother of two fantastic boys

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