Our 7 Steps to living younger

Our expert 'health and happiness' courses teach you how to build the energy and resilience you need to get younger and feel at your very best.

  • First take our Life Age test to get a FREE 10 page report on where your physical and emotional lifestyle choices are ageing you or keeping you young.
  • Then follow a 7-Step 7-Week course specially selected for your needs.

All our courses cost just £24.99 and come with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

Our expert approach

Having studied the science for years, we know that feeling younger and at your very best comes from living a healthy and happy lifestyle every day. 

Distilled from decades of research, our courses aren’t about quick unsustainable fixes, but instead teach you how to create a healthier and happier way of life that you can enjoy forever.

All our courses are specially selected for you based on your needs, and follow our '7 Steps to Living Younger' - our scientific blueprint for success.

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Holly and Mark

"Younger Lives had a really positive impact on my lifestyle . I’ve already taken 3 years off my Life Age and I feel so much happier, eat better and exercise more. I’m now targeting getting back into my 30s!"

Jo T. 43. (3 years off)


The Founders

We are on a personal and professional mission to help as many people as we can get younger, healthier and happier.

“We set up Younger Lives because we realised a broader and more holistic approach to wellness was needed. I’m proud to say Younger Lives is the first ‘health and happiness’ programme of its kind in the world.”

Dr Mark Cobain, Founder

“We’d reached a point in our own lives where we needed a radical rethink. It wasn’t just about trying to lose weight or exercise to improve our health, but also to change how we felt about life. From our own personal journeys Younger Lives was born.”

Dr Holly Whelan, Founder