How we can help

The secret to feeling young and full of energy is maximising both your health and happiness, as together they create a life really worth living!

We created Younger Lives to help. 

  • First our Life Age test helps you understand where your lifestyle is 'ageing' you or keeping you 'young'.
  • Then our Guide to Living Younger teaches you how to transform your life to feel younger, healthier and happier in just 7 weeks.

Why trust us?

We are a team of international experts who are passionate about helping people feel younger, healthier and happier.

We invented heart age in 2007 and since then have encouraged tens of millions of people around the world get 'younger'. We've worked with the NHS, the World Heart Federation, many universities and health & wellness organisations. Over the years we have learnt a lot about how to keep people 'younger' and are now on a mission to help as many people as we can. 

What people say about us

We’re proud to be helping people feel younger, healthier and happier. Here’s what people are saying: "The 7 Steps to Living Younger are very easy to understand and follow"........ "I really like the holistic approach. I am now thinking about stress management, sleep and feeling good as well as diet and exercise"........“I now focus on eating the right things, and am thinking about life more holistically”....... “I really enjoy eating the Mediterranean way. I love the Pizza Filo recipe"......."Daily tracking and gratitude helps to keep me on track and is a good reminder of what I am trying to achieve"........"I like Neville's exercise videos, they are a great way to get back into exercise"........"I feel more organised with shopping and cooking, and have lost 7 lb so far so very happy!"

Holly and Mark

"I’ve already taken 3 years off and feel happier, eat better and exercise more - I’m now targeting getting back into my 30s!"

Jo T. 43. (3 years off)


Take the Life Age test

Our scientifically validated Life Age test assesses 9 health and happiness factors to determine whether your lifestyle is ageing you or keeping you young.

Take the Life Age Test

It's never too late to start living a younger life. Start today by taking our free Life Age test.

Dr Holly Whelan, Founder
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