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Younger Living for T2 Diabetes

... Stop diabetes ageing & feel years younger! 

The key to reversing the ageing effect of type 2 diabetes (and reducing your risk of complications) is to lower your blood sugar and keep it low for as long as you can.

The Secret to Long Term Success?  Building proven ‘Diabetes Age-Reversing Habits' into your life in a way you enjoy and personally suits you.

Why type 2 diabetes is 'ageing' & the Diabetes Age® test
Why type 2 diabetes is 'ageing' & the Diabetes Age® test

The Diabetes Edit® Program
Powerful Diabetes Age-Reversing Habits for life

Losing weight and doing more exercise is important to manage blood glucose (sugar) - but the truth is that most people find it difficult to keep this type of lifestyle change going long term.

Our Diabetes Edit program teaches you how to successfully embed powerful 'blood sugar lowering habits' into your lifestyle - so you can take control of your diabetes and feel years younger for life!

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Diabetes Edit®

Self Guided

**FREE for limited time only**

Developed by habit change specialists, this self guided online course provides you with the habit change tools & techniques you need to successfully take control of your diabetes, enjoy your life and feel years younger.

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Diabetes Age® Test

Is type 2 diabetes ageing you?

Diabetes Age is a scientifically-validated assessment that helps you understand how your diabetes is affecting you, plus the different options you have to get your blood sugar under control and reverse its ageing effect for life.  

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Private Health Screening, HbA1c Testing & Diabetes Checks

Regular health checks are important for people living with type 2 Diabetes and are a key part of living younger.


The NHS offers excellent support in most areas. However if you are struggling to get the support you need or would like more frequent testing, we have teamed up with One5 Health - a private doctor's service committed to preventative health. They offer both online and face to face (Central London) consultations.

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