Live a younger life

Younger Lives is an expert 'health and happiness' program that helps you feel at your best whatever your age.

  • First, take our Life Age test.
  • Then, receive a 10 page personalised report that includes your Life Age score plus a full breakdown of which lifestyle areas are either ageing you or keeping you young.

Our expert approach

Having studied the science for years, we know that how old we feel is related to how healthy and happy we are. 

Our Life Age test has been developed in association with world leading experts and provides a scientifically validated assessment how lifestyle affects our health and happiness.

It takes about 8 minutes to complete and considers nine important lifestyle factors: body shape, diet, physical activity, alcohol, smoking, stress, sleep, mood and life satisfaction to calculate a combined Life Age score.

Get started now by taking our Life Age test

Holly and Mark

Younger Lives is a great programme that I highly recommend and really enjoyed taking the test. The results were illuminating and incredibly helpful and it is good to know its never too late to make changes. Take the test today!

Dee H, 84. (3 years off)


Our Founders

Having worked in this space for many years, we are on a mission to help as many people as we can get younger, healthier and happier. 

“We’d reached a point in our own lives where we needed a radical rethink. It wasn’t just about trying to lose weight or exercise to improve our health, but also to change how we felt about life. From our own personal journeys Younger Lives was born.”

Dr Holly Whelan, Founder

“We set up Younger Lives because we realised a broader and more holistic approach to wellness was needed. I’m proud to say Younger Lives is the first ‘health and happiness’ programme of its kind in the world.”

Dr Mark Cobain, Founder