Setting up your kitchen

Here are 5 simple steps for setting up your kitchen for healthy eating:

1.    Clear out the junk 

Throw out the junk food in your cupboards, fridge and freezer. This includes high fat and sugary snacks, cakes, biscuits and confectionary and any sugary drinks. This ‘clean sheet’ is an important psychological starting point and removes temptation to help you avoid returning to bad habits in times of stress or boredom. 

2.   Restock with the good stuff

Restock your fridge and cupboards with the ingredients you need to prepare delicious healthy food. Pay attention that you have the specific ingredients you will need for the recipes want to cook, as this will help you stay on track and not be tempted for unhealthy options. To help make it easier we have created a Younger Lives shopping list that has all the base ingredients you need to cook our delicious Younger Life recipes. 


3.    Have the right equipment 

Make sure you have the right equipment you need to cook healthily. It doesn’t really require anything that special, but we have included a simple check list of recommended equipment in our Younger Lives shopping list to help.


4.    Make it easy for yourself 

Lay out your fridge and cupboards so it looks appealing and you know where every thing is. 

Important: if one of your targets is to lose weight, it is really important to put your kitchen scales on an accessible work surface so that weighing your portion sizes becomes routine.


5.    Don’t forget the drinks

Enjoying one small glass of wine or a beer is fine as part of Living Younger as long as you stick to less than 14 units per week, and don’t save them all up for one sitting! The problem is it can be easy to drink more without having a plan to stick to. To help we recommend the following when stocking the kitchen:

- Get some small wine glasses: a lot of wine glasses are equivalent to  3-4 units of alcohol when filled!- Get some good quality wine stoppers so you know that your opened bottle of wine will last you for a few days. - Buy small 250ml/330ml bottles of beer.- Stock up on good quality non alcoholic beer -  brands like these have come a long way since the first non alcoholic beers, and allow you to enjoy the ritual of having a beer whilst keeping your alcohol and calories down (a bottle of Becks blue has only 39 cals versus a standard bottle of Becks at 113 cals).- Buy the ingredients to make some non alcoholic alternatives you enjoy e.g. cranberry/orange juice and soda and no sugar/diet drinks.