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Our new Diabetes Age test is now live!

....and it's free and takes just 5 minutes to complete!

Diabetes Age is a new scientifically-validated assessment from Younger Lives to helps you understand the different options available to get your blood sugar under control and reverse the 'ageing effect' that type 2 diabetes has on the body now and into the future.

The test is free and takes just 5 minutes - all you will need is your latest HbA1c result (blood sugar) and your weight to receive your personal Diabetes Age report.

Younger Lives are world leading experts in age-based risk assessments and program design. We are the original inventors of Diabetes Age®, Life Age® and heart age - which has been used by millions of people across the world - including the NHS who routinely use it in their health checks program for people aged 40-74 across the UK.