Younger Lives Mission

We are on a mission to help people live a lifestyle that is proven to control the rate of ageing, reduce the risk of long term health conditions - and most importantly, help people to feel their best and enjoy life whatever their age.

Why is this important?

No-one wants to get ill or feel old before their time - and helping people to stay young and healthy for their age is now even more important due to:

  • Our ageing population - requiring people to stay productive and working throughout their 50s, 60s and 70s.

  • An over-stretched National Health Service - making it harder for people to access the health & wellbeing support they need.

The willpower myth

Whilst everyone wants to stay healthy as they age, the majority of us struggle to keep the necessary lifestyle changes going long term. This can make us feel it's difficult to succeed as we somehow 'lack' the willpower required.

What works: Younger Living Habits

As neuroscience & behaviour science experts, we know that long term lifestyle change is never just down to willpower or motivation.


In fact, the only way to succeed is to build enjoyable and proven healthy habits into your life so that, over time, these behaviours simply become automatic and part of your life.

Everyone has the power to improve their life with Younger Living habits - and that's why we set up Younger Lives to give people the expert support they need to succeed.

Dr Holly Whelan & Dr Mark Cobain

Founders of Younger Lives

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Get Involved

If you are passionate about helping people to live a younger life and want to help us in our mission, we'd love to hear from you. 

About Younger Lives

We are trusted experts

  • We created the original heart age test in 2007 (now used by millions across the world, including the NHS in their UK over 40s health check program).

  • Since setting up Younger Lives in 2014, we have created a range of different evidence-based programs to help people stay 'younger', healthier and happier, including Life Age, Diabetes Age and Work, Life & Me.

  • We worked with many large names in the private, public and charity sector, including:  Movember, Weight Watchers, Unilever and the NHS

  • We are proud to collaborate with some of the best academic minds in the world. 

  • Our founders Dr Mark Cobain and Dr Holly Whelan have 20+ years plus of health behaviour change experience and are dedicated to helping people be their best whatever their age.

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Who We Are

Dr Holly Whelan


Dr Holly Whelan, Founder of Younger Lives

Dr Mark Cobain


Dr Mark Cobain, Founder of Younger Lives

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Rob Nolan

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Prof Bruce MeEwen

Collaborator (in memory & thanks)

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