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“I’m so glad I did the Younger Lives course. It taught me that my weight problem was caused by stress levels and low mood and what I actually needed was a new lifestyle approach not just another diet!”  Michelle H.

All our courses are delivered by email over 7 weeks, and are based on the '7 Steps to Living Younger' - our scientific blueprint for success. 

  • First, we set you up for success by guiding you through the creation of your new happier, healthier, younger identity. 
  • We then send you your personalised Life Age Plan which shows the new lifestyle choices you need to make to get younger.
  • Throughout the 7 weeks we help you to identify old patterns, switch bad habits for good, and build your new younger way of living.
  • Our expert online support includes: tracking tools, delicious ways to eat, stress management techniques and exercise videos, all designed to help you to keep on track, stay motivated and enjoy life.

Our Younger Lives courses cost just £24.99 which is less than a meal out. Not much for a healthier and happier future you!

How to order

To get your 7-Steps 7-week course, simply take our FREE Life Age test and then follow the instructions in your Life Age report to make your order. 

Still not convinced?  That’s OK. You can still take the Life Age test and get your personalised Life Age report for FREE. Once you have read through the report you can then decide whether to go ahead and make your order.

Our 1 Year Money-Back Guarantee

We are so sure you’ll be happy with your Younger Lives course that we offer a Money-Back Guarantee for up to a year after purchase.

If you are not 100% satisfied, contact us at contact@youngerlives.com to get a full refund.

The secret to staying young

Having studied the science for years, we know that the secret to staying young is having a healthy lifestyle plus a positive outlook on life (health and happiness).

Health and happiness are a powerful combination. They are both individually ‘anti-ageing’, but together they positively reinforce each other to keep you feeling full of energy and years younger than your actual age.

That's why our Life Age test assesses nine different health and happiness factors linked with successful ageing, and our 7 step courses use positive psychological techniques to help you optimise your health and happiness, and unlock a younger, more revitalised you for life.

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Start learning how to live a younger life today

We would love to help you on your journey to a younger life. Here's what people say about our courses: "The 7 Steps to Living Younger are very easy to understand and follow" "I really like the holistic approach. I am now thinking about stress management, sleep and feeling good as well as diet and exercise" “I now focus on eating the right things, and think about life more holistically” “I really enjoy eating the Mediterranean way. I love the Pizza Filo recipe" "Daily tracking and gratitude helps to keep me on track and is a good reminder of what I am trying to achieve" "I like Neville's exercise videos, they are a great way to get back into exercise" "I feel so much more organised in my life, and have lost 7 lb so far and am very happy!"

Take the Life Age test

Our scientifically validated Life Age test assesses 9 health and happiness factors to determine whether your lifestyle is ageing you or keeping you young.

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We help people live a younger life and feel healthier and happier forever.

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