Our 7 Step Guide to Living Younger

“I’m so glad I followed the Younger Lives Guide. It made me realise that my weight problem were caused by stress levels and low mood and what I actually needed was a new lifestyle approach not just another diet!”  Michelle H.

Distilled from decades of research, our email guide takes you step by step through what you practically need to do to get younger, healthier and happier. 

It includes:

  • Help with setting up your personal environment for success.
  • A personalised plan (based on your latest Life Age result)  including specific targets by lifestyle area.
  • Support with getting physically healthier and mentally more positive.
  • Access to lots of practical support, including delicious recipes, stress management techniques, exercise videos, sleep advice and much more.

The secret to staying young

Having studied the science for years, we know that the secret to staying young is having a healthy lifestyle plus a positive outlook on life (health and happiness).

Health and happiness are a powerful combination, as they positively reinforce each other to keep you feeling full of energy and years younger than your actual age.

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What people say

Here's what people say about our programme: "I really like the holistic approach. I am now thinking about stress management, sleep and feeling good as well as diet and exercise" “I now focus on eating the right things, and think about life more holistically” "Daily tracking helps to keep me on track and is a good reminder of what I am trying to achieve" “I really enjoy eating the Mediterranean way. I love the Pizza Filo recipe" "I like Neville's exercise videos, they are a great way to get back into exercise" "I feel so much more organised in my life, and have lost 7 lb so far and am very happy!"

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The biggest impact on how 'young' you are is your lifestyle and outlook on life.

Dr Mark Cobain, Founder
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